Our Services

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services are dedicated to assisting our clients meet their professional and personal goals. We work with our clients to identify areas of growth to build confidence, take leadership to the next level and reduce roadblocks that get in the way. Each executive coaching engagement is specifically customized to meet the needs of each individual to help them maximize the results they want in their current situation and create the future they desire.

Mentor Coaching

As a faculty member in an university based, ACTP approved program, Meg enjoys mentoring other coaches on practice building, strengthening skills, personal branding and many other areas of focus that arise for the coaches that are her clients. Whether new to coaching or wanting to partner with another coach who understands the rewards and challenges of coaching others, Meg offers individual and group mentor coaching. Different coaching programs include a Coach Mentor program specific meeting ICF re-credentialing for ACC coaches, Coaching Success Program focused on personal branding, practice and skill building and Strengthening Your Coaching Muscles which is specific to skill and confidence building

Leadership Development

We work within organizations to maximize leadership potential of individual leaders and entire leadership teams focusing on each leader’s objectives and aligning them with the goals of the organization. Our leadership development programs will be customized to you organization’s needs and can include individual and group coaching, training and assessments as needed.

Team Building

Our team building programs have a strength based approach focusing on mutual respect to create increased collaboration, communication and cooperation within teams and meet organizational goals. Programs are customized to meet specific needs and creating increased productivity and revenue.


We offer a wide variety of presentations and/or training programs covering (but not limited to) stress management, optimal communication strategies, maximizing strengths, leadership development, conflict management and resolution.


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